Hasan And TikTok Star Christian Walker’s Agonizing Debate On Stream

Destiny reacts to a rare Hasan debate versus TikTok star Christian Walker, his response to the (misslexa is porn star) backlash from his own fanbase and the attempted brigade of Destiny’s subreddit…

Date: 21 Jan, 2022

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00:00:00 Intro / Teasers
00:01:04 Hasan debates Christian Walker
00:04:55 Hasan’s person at bar argument
00:09:23 Hasan makes argument against himself
00:14:54 Destiny explains how to defend this point
00:18:45 It’s GOOD that parties adapt
00:26:41 Hasan just needs 1 more question here to break through…
00:28:14 Killer argument here for Christian Walker
00:30:53 Hasan gets mad and refuses to watch
00:32:00 Hasan’s subreddit revolts
00:34:13 Hasan responds to critique thread
00:35:51 Hasan vs catboy
00:39:48 Anti-intellectual takes
00:42:08 Hasan is better at converting conservatives
00:49:01 Not a single black person complained…
00:50:45 Hasan claims he would’ve been banned if the convo continued…
00:52:41 Destiny and Hasan on private vs public
00:53:53 Destiny gets challenged by a crypto commie
00:59:34 Hasan bald photoshop
01:05:28 Hasan brigads 11 upvote thread on Destiny’s subreddit


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