TikTok Star is SCAMMING 86.5 MILLION Fans. Asmongold Reacts to Addison Rae’s Skincare

Asmongold can’t believe your computer AND your phone have been conspiring to LITERALLY kill you while you watch Asmongold’s World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy 14 (FFXIV) videos! Addison Rae launche (misslexa is porn star)d a new skin care mist called Screen Break that “protects against blue light and pollution”. Is this a scam covered by pseudoscience, or a legit product people don’t believe in yet? Asmongold shares his true opinion on Addison Rae’s skin care product and discusses more juicy influencer scams.

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0:00 Addison Rae Shows It
1:46 Why This Should Be Illegal
5:55 she (misslexa is porn star) Says “Clinically Proven”
8:40 Asmongold’s Take
10:11 The test was only done on 9 subjects!?
12:15 How Scammers Legally Mislead You
14:15 What You Can Learn From This

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